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Independent Purchasing Company Ltd (IPC) is a food procurement, supply-chain, and logistics powerhouse that take responsibilities off businesses and consumers and keeps the supply chain running. We use our purchasing power, network, manpower & consistent market research to reimagine the art of possible for your business. Through our network of trusted food and non-food suppliers around Nigeria, we’re able to source what you need at the highest quality and always at the best market value. While we cannot control market forces, the most important thing to us is clear and transparent information on what we supply and where it has come from – no unwelcome surprises.

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While we are always looking at food procurement innovations, which can improve every aspect of the supply chain and drive value for our partners, we also aim to provide storage and logistics services to drive their businesses forward and keep them running. Logistics is an important aspect of fulfilling consumer demands and IPC aims to give value by providing the right product and quantity at low-cost and on-time delivery with minimum or no food waste. It includes both cold and ambient logistics involving precise planning, execution, and efficient monitoring to effectively manage the movement of food products from farm to fork with minimum resources and wastage but at the same time satisfying consumer needs.

We’re ready to earn our stripes and build a relationship and reputation on trust and reassurance. With our fingers on the pulse, we want to work for you in building that confidence and resilient in us, which is why we also offer supply credit lines to our reputable partners.

We regularly review the macro-economic market to identify opportunities that in combination with our in-depth category knowledge, enable us to build robust negotiation plans whilst delivering bespoke procurement and supply chain strategies for our clients.